José Luis García-López & Dick Giordano Original Flash TV Concept Art ~ Signed by John Wesley Shipp

dick-giordano-original-art-sketch-merchandising-the-flash-signed-autograph-signature-john-wesley-shippAs best can be determined, this piece features pencils by José Luis García-López and is inked by Dick Giordano.  It is possible it features both Giordano pencils and inks though, as it is merchandising artwork from the Flash Television series, it is more likely the former. Drawn on on tracing paper, it measures approximately 8 by 10 inches.  The art features John Wesley Shipp in costume and was produced as either marketing or concept art for the show.  It is signed by John Wesley Shipp, the actor who portrayed The Flash on the television series. Please note- this is a one-of-a-kind actual, original piece of artwork that is autographed by hand by John Wesley Shipp. It is not a copy, pre-printed image or print nor is the signature a facsimile autograph.  

Price: $99.99