Deadman Exorcism Prestige Format Comic Set Signed by Kelley Jones

kelley-jones-signed-deadman-exorcism-comic-set-art-dc-signed-signature-autograph-1kelley-jones-signed-deadman-exorcism-comic-set-art-dc-signed-signature-autograph-2Signed by the artist, Kelley Jones, this Deadman: Exorcism 2-book set tells the story of Boston Brand’s descent into madness as his curse finally pushes him over the edge.  Haunting an abandoned, isolated church in the wilds of Vermont, Deadman soon finds that he’s not the only spirit in residence as a trio of long-dead spirits – a Roman centurion, a Native American warrior, and a corrupt Puritan Reverend –  seek to break free and unleash not only themselves but a hoard of demons upon earth.  The story guest stars the Phantom Stranger. The set is in excellent condition and will be shipped with the utmost care. Please note- both books are signed by Kelley Jones. The signatures are real. They are not pre-printed images on the books. 

Price: $59.99