Billy Tucci ~ Superman / Batman #75 Complete Story of Original Art

billy-tucci-original-comic-art-page-batman-superman-joker-catwoman-1billy-tucci-original-comic-art-page-batman-superman-joker-catwoman-2This two-page, complete story features the work of Billy Tucci and appeared in Superman/Batman #75 (released in 2010).   A delightful tale that reminds readers of the kid in all of us, page one features Superman and Batman confronting the Joker- page two reveals that it is an imaginary story (and, as Alan Moore asked, “aren’t they all?”) with two young boys dressed as the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight.  They are about to jump a man dressed as the Joker at Comic Con. After the Joker “escapes” the two young rascals next turn their attention to Catwoman.  If you look closely, you can see that the man dressed as the Joker is Billy Tucci himself (and the two boys are modeled after his sons).  A charming idea and a continuation of the “adventures” of the boys from an earlier story by Tucci (which appeared in DC’s 2009 Halloween Holiday Special) where they raced against each other as Superman and the Flash.  The first page is inked (to give the piece more of a traditional, comic book appearance and page two was not inked to give it a different, more real-world feel.  Please note- this is the actual, original artwork drawn by hand by Billy Tucci. They are not pre-printed images, copies or prints.  

Price: $799.99