Signed Alex Ross WB Studio Store Exclusive Litho ~ Superman 20th Century

alex-ross-superman-20th-century-warner-brothers-studio-store-litho-print-signed-numbered-limited-edition-print-autographMeasuring approximately 16 1/4 by 23 inches (23.5 by 30.5 inches including the frame), this stunning print was released in 1998 from the Warner Brothers Studio Store.  Featuring fan-favorite illustrator Alex Ross‘ take on the iconic cover to Superman #1 (originally drawn by Joe Shuster), the print features Superman soaring over Metropolis.  It comes with original frame and COA, is limited to only 350 produced (of which this is number 299), and is in mint condition (the frame is in excellent condition with only minor touch ups that are not noticeable except upon close inspection). It will be shipped with the utmost care.  Please note- this is not one of the reproduction prints released after the WB stores closed their doors.  This is the original. 

Price: $999.99