Vintage 1941 Radio & TV Mirror ~ Text Adaptation of The Adventures of Superman OTR Program

radio-television-tv-mirror-1941-ginger-rogers-cover-superman-otr-program-story-text-2radio-television-tv-mirror-1941-ginger-rogers-cover-superman-otr-program-story-text-1On February 12, 1940 The Adventures of Superman began airing and would go on to become one of the most popular children’s radio programs during the Golden Age of Radio. Voiced by Bud Collyer (who played both Superman and Clark Kent), the series would contribute much to Superman’s legacy (such as Kryptonite, Jimmy Olsen, and other portions of the Superman mythology). Shortly after these radio programs began airing, the most popular radio magazine of the day, Radio and Television Mirror, started re-presenting the Superman stories from the radio adventures in text format with artwork depicting scenes from the story. Dated June, 1941 (Vol. 16, issue 2) this issue of Radio and Television Mirror is in fair shape (it shows its age but isn’t beat up, though on page 11, which does not impact the Superman segment, there is a small hole somehow worn into the page) and will be shipped with the utmost care. The cover features the great Ginger Rogers and the rest of the magazine is filled with photos, articles, and vintage advertisements.  The Superman story continues on page 66 and concludes on page 67.  There are no further images of Superman artwork beyond the scanned first page of the story depicted above.  

Price: $49.99