Adam Kubert Original Concept Art ~ Doc Savage & Crew

adam-kubert-original-art-sketch-prelim-doc-savage-signed-signature-autograph-3Doc Savage, “The Man of Bronze,” was one of the most popular pulp adventure characters of the 1930’s and 1940’s and, being intermittently published ever since, remains a nostalgic icon to this day. From 1988 into 1990, DC Comics published it’s own Doc Savage comic series.  With the exception of issues #1 Adam and Andy Kubert penciled and/or inked the cover to every issue of the series, sometimes one would pencil, the other ink, and then vice versa. This concept artwork features character designs drawn by Adam Kubert outlining how the characters would look.  The artwork was ultimately used as a guide for the interior artists as well.  The piece measures 11 by 17 inches, is in good condition overall (though it is beginning to tan around the edges) and will be shipped with the utmost care. It is signed by Adam Kubert. Please note- this is an actual, original piece of artwork drawn by hand by Adam Kubert. It is not a pre-printed image, copy or print. It is a one-of-a-kind original. 

Price: $499.99