Larry Elmore Signed Autograph Places of Power Fantasy Art Print ~ Witness Tree #3 of 250

3-larry-elmore-signed-autograph-places-of-power-fantasy-woman-wizard-tsr-signature-art-print-original-sketch-2Measuring 24 by 31 inches, this stunning autographed print features the work of Larry Elmore and is from his Places of Power series of paintings.  Entitled Witness Tree, it is a very low number 3 of only 250, is in excellent and undisplayed condition (has minor storage wear to edges/corners) and will be shipped with the utmost care. While the image shown is a stock photo, the print features a white border and within this white border, at the bottom of the print, is included the title of the print, as well its number and Elmore’s authentic, hand-signed signature.  Also at the bottom, to the far left, it reads “Personal Works” and to the far right “Places of Power Series: Print 1 of 7”. The handwritten portion – the signature and number – are signed clearly, are not smudged, and are signed in pencil.  

Price: $99.99