1966 The Adventures of Superman Topps George Reeves Card Negative

superman-topps-1966-the-adventures-of-trading-gum-card-proof-1From the Topps Vault, this card negative was used in the production of the classic 1966 Superman trading card set from Topps.  It is a one-of-a-kind piece of trading card history from one of the most beloved television shows of all time. To this day, The Adventures of Superman remains in continuous reruns.  The trading card set, which came out in the early ears of the shows syndication (the original broadcasts occurring from 1952 to 1958), is one of the most sought after Superman collectibles from the television series. This card negative comes with its original COA from Topps.topps-1966-the-adventures-of-superman-trading-gum-card-proof-coa-2 

Price: $299.99