1968 Steve Ditko Silver Age Original Art Page ~ Showcase #75 / Hawk & Dove

steve-ditko-original-art-page-showcase-75-first-hawk-and-dove-page-1This original art page features the work of comic legend Steve Ditko, best known as the co-creator of Spider-Man (Spiderman). It is the last scene from the story and is a partial page, common in the 1960’s, which a house ad would usually be placed below.  Published in DC’s Showcase series, one of the most important comic titles of the Silver Age and one that’s influence continues to reverberate in the comics world today, it was a try-out title to introduce new characters into the DC Universe.  Barry Allen, Hal Jordan, and many other DC characters were introduced in the series.  This page is from issue #75, which features the first appearance of Hawk & Dove, characters Ditko himself created.  The piece is from the Dick Giordano collection, Giordano having come in as editor right in the middle of this particular story after leaving Charlton Comics for DC.  Please note- this is the actual, original piece of art used to produce the last scene of the Hawk and Dove story in Showcase #75.  It is drawn and inked by hand by Steve Ditko.  It is not a copy, reproduction, or pre-printed image. It is the one-of-a-kind original and is an historic piece, to say nothing of how tough Ditko artwork is to come by. It measures 6 by 10 ½ inches, is in excellent condition and will be shipped with the utmost care. steve-ditko-original-art-page-showcase=75-first-hawk-and-dove-2

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