William Shatner Autographed Star Trek Original Cover Art ~ Issue 54

william-shatner-autographed-signed-star-trek-original-cover-artStanding in front of the Guardian of Forever (first seen in the classic Star Trek television episode The City on the Edge of Forever), this stunning cover is the original artwork by Rod Whigham (pencils) and Carlos Garzon (inks). Cover dated November of 1993, this issue tells the story of how the crew of the Enterprise must correct a divergence in the timeline.  Featured on the cover are Kirk and Sulu in Klingon disguises as well as one of Mr. Worf’s (from Star Trek: The Next Generation) ancestors who, in this alternate timeline, finds himself a member of Starfleet serving under Kirk.  The piece measures 12 by 17 inches and comes with its original acetate overlay which includes the issue and story title. It is in good condition overall- some slight spotting from age around its edges but nothing that detracts from the artwork itself.  Best of all, this piece is actually autographed by William Shatner himself (it was signed by Shatner at the 2012 Wizard World in New Orleans, Louisiana).  A truly spectacular one-of-a-kind item for any original art or Star Trek collection!

Price: $1,499.99